Arlo base station is a device that connects Arlo & Arlo Pro wireless cameras to the internet through your home router. It has a high range connectivity with the long battery life for the also has features like USB local storage backup, smart siren and the best feature is that you can also upgrade it how and when you want. it has different parts:

– Base station

– Power adapter

– Ethernet cable

– Quick start guide

– Window decal

Arlo base station offline and how to troubleshoot it?

The first thing to keep in mind is whether your system is online or not. For this, check the LED(s) on your device to check if the system is online. There is one LED in the NEW ARLO BASE STATION where as in the old ARLO BASE STATION, there are three or five LED(s).

Single LED Arlo base stations – Here you will find the LED in the front. These kind of arlo base stations have a blue flash if connected to the internet whereas if not, it will show as low blinking amber light.

Multi-LED Arlo base stations – Here you will see the LED(s) at the bottom of the front side. The middle LED is the one which shows the internet connectivity. if it is connected to the internet, it will flash a solid green color whereas if not connected to the internet, it flashes an amber colour.

Now comes the troubleshooting part.

  1. Make sure that the Ethernet cable is properly attached to the router as well as the base station. make sure to you use the cable that came along with your system.
  2. Ensure that the power adapter is properly attached to the back of the base station and plugged into the power supply.
  3. Try connecting to the internet from another device. use an Ethernet connected device and not a Wi-Fi connecting device. Then switch off the Wi-Fi of your device. Now check the connectivity through the Ethernet cable. If connected, continue troubleshooting. If not, then try to restore the router connection.
  4. In the Next step power cycle your base station. For this, pull out the power adapter from the outlet. Hold back for a while before reconnecting it. It takes some time to get it started. Now check that the power and internet LED(s) are solid green or not. If yes, it is connected, if showing a slow amber light, continue troubleshooting.
  5. next, check the DHCP settings and the client list. The DHCP should be enabled and the router’s DHCP client list should supply an IP address to the base station.
  6. In case you are able to connect the base station earlier but cannot connect it now, then go to the router’s security settings and firmware to see that the settings have not been changed when it was connected last
  7. Check that the ports 443 and 80 are open on the router. The Arlo base station does not always connect through most proxy servers.
  8. Check the factory settings on your base station.

Why is my Arlo Camera and Arlo Base Station Offline

There may be several reasons for this issue. Before following the fixing steps, one must know the possible reasons of Arlo base station offline issues. The reasons maybe:-

1.Sluggish internet connection- there may be a low or weak internet connection. This poor connection may be the cause of Arlo base station not being able to connect to the internet. For this, one must try contacting the internet service provider.

  1. Improper configuration of Arlo base station- the Arlo base station must be configured properly before connecting it. be careful during the configuration because it increases the chances of Arlo base station going offline.

Arlo smart hub or base station reset

Execution of factory reset may bring the Arlo Smart Hub or the base station to its default settings. This will remove the serial number of your Arlo account. There are a few steps that one needs to carry out for a factory reset.

1.Press hold the RESET button behind the base station for 10 seconds. After this reset, you will see the LEDs flash an amber light. When this LED stops the flash, the base station reboots.

2.When the Power & Internet LEDs show solid green colour, click the ARLO icon on your phone and log into the Arlo app.

3.Click on NEW SYSTEM SETUP. Follow the instructions given on screen.

Arlo base station offline but connected to the wi-fi

Check your device LEDs on the front of the system to check whether theError! Hyperlink reference not valid. or online. The LEDs in old Arlo cameras and new Arlo cameras are different from each other. The new Arlo cameras have a single LED and the old Arlo cameras have three or five LEDs. and download arlo app for pc.

the video feed from your Arlo wireless cameras shows that the Arlo base station is connected to the internet. But, if you see an error message showing the Arlo base station offline, it is connected to the internet. This problem gets resolved just by following the easy below steps: –

  1. 1.Switch of your Arlo camera, remove the battery and put them back again. In case the LED, does not light up or gets on, check the battery placement properly again. Also make sure that the battery is fully charged and not dead.
  2. 2.The brown yellow color of the LED shows low battery.
  3. 3.Insert a fully charged battery, in case it is low or dead.
  4. If the LED light still does show green, even if the battery is fully and properly charged, there is a chance that the Arlo camera settings is turned off. For this, just turn off the LED and log out from the Arlo app in your phone. Next, sign into the Arlo account.
  5. 5.If this issue still persists, then reposition your camera near the mobile coverage string field.
  6. 6.Next, reset your Arlo camera login account and set your Arlo login account again on Arlo app.
  7. 7.If you notice that the Arlo camera LED turns blue, it signifies the Arlo camera is ready to work.